Xbox 360 Gamepad + RooWifi

Hello developers!

Some time ago we developed a 3D game for Xbox using XNA Studio 3.0, after made some examples for RooWifi the Wi-Fi Remote for Roomba development board we did a little code in Visual Studio to scan all the RooWifis connected to any iRobot Roomba in our local network and manage them all like a Scada Software…After that we decided to develop a Xbox XNA Game to control iRobot Roomba via Wi-Fi with RooWifi and a Xbox 360 gamepad!

We downloaded the last XNA Framework and development tools (XNA Studio 4.0) but after some Google searches we discovered that we couldn’t connect via socket any time or do a simple Ajax Request with our Xbox 360 and finally decided to do and XNA based App for Windows but using the Xbox360 Gamepad.

In this case we used a Logitech Xbox gamepad with USB connector, it works by the same way.

Are you ready to improve our poor code learning C# and game programming? If you develop a good app we must change this code for yours with your name and credentials :), the same as iPhone xCode.

soon the demo video

At the bottom of the page you can download the code and find the links to the tools that you need to build successfully.

We know that the XNA Studio Tools are no really needed to do something like that, but we are thinking to update this to do a 3D interface and using the tools of XNA and some 3d models we will be able to do a 3D representation of the environment of Roomba and his Wi-Fi Remote, maybe not necessary in 3D but it will be more attractive that a 2D simple representation…Nowadays a simple App like the iPhone App. Here is the result, we hope that you like it:


We played some races with our Roombas and is realy amazing…XD



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