Say Hello to iRobot Create 2

irobot create 2Amazing! This is the best description for the new iRobot Create 2, the perfect platform focused to introduce students into the programming and robotics world.

RooWifi is completely compatible with this awesome robot

This year iRobot updated its Create, a robot with the same mobility features as any Roomba robot model but without the vacuum system. With this new robot the students and a lot of developers have a good platform to develop and learn STEM for a lower price that buying a Roomba with all the vacuum system.

Of course, with this last update and taking a look to the communication specifications, RooWifi is completely compatible with this awesome robot and with these two devices (RooWifi: The Wi-Fi Adapter for Roomba, and the iRobot Create 2) you could develop a robot with a mobile platform putting the entire AI into external PC or server, do you want to develop a mobile platform with a robotic Arm as Jarvis in Ironman and without wires? Now it’s possible with iRobot Create + RooWifi.

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