User’s Feedback

We couldn’t post all your comments but a very small selection is shown below. Thank you for your feedback and to help us to improve the Roomba Wifi Adapter RooWifi everyday :)

“My @RooWifi Arrived today and its brilliant! With a plugin by @tenallero for @PerceptiveAuto Indigo, Roomba is a part of the home automation”

@CommanderB on Twitter

London / ENGLAND / 2015

“The device works great – the interface looks good. Hopefully I will soon be able to adopt all functions to my home-automation system.”

Björn Andreas Höfer.

Roomba 565 Pet Owner and 650.

Wien / AUSTRIA / 2016

“That’s really funny and useful ;-)”

kopierschnitte on iTunes (5*/5*)

Roomba owner

GERMANY / September 2015

“I just wanted to say thank you very much! Not only did my RooWifi come fast (I live in the US!), it was perfectly gift-wrapped! That was awesome! I got my Roomba 570 up and running on my WLAN in less than 30 minutes!.Both the on-board interface as well as the Android interface are astoundingly flawless! It was everything I had hoped for and more!”

Ian Rymszewicz.

Home Automation Systems User and Roomba 570 Owner.

Boston-Massachusetts / UNITED STATES OF AMERICA / 2014

“The iOS app for RooWifi is great One”

Juiba on iTunes (5*/5*)

Roomba 880 owner

FINLAND / September 2015

“Works great in combination with the Board RooWifi :)”

Applefrank76 on iTunes

Roomba owner

GERMANY / November 2013

“I plugged it in and it worked directly ! In short: PERFECT !!!
You really made a great job with this component :-)”

Tobias Pilhofer. Roomba Owner.

IP-Symcon Developer and User

Schwaig b. Nürnberg / GERMANY / 2013

“Works great. Need another one”

Ernest Williams. Owner of 2 Roomba.

Home automation system User

Houston – Texas / UNITED STATES OF AMERICA / 2013

“I just got my Roomba on my Wifi net using Roowifi and it work Great. :-)”

Dag Philip. Owner of 2 Roomba 500 Series.

Beginner Developer and User

Kolbotn / NORWAY / 2013

“With one forwarded port and the RooWifi, I can operate my Roomba from anywhere I have internet. I even have full battery status telemetry. Following writing a simple plugin, RooWifi will be integrated into my home automation gateway very soon. It’s a great product.”

Chuck Kovac. Owner of one Roomba 700 series.

Beta Tester in USA and Application Engineer


“I quite liked the simplicity to use it and to connect it to our own network. The Web GUI looked nice and gave a good overview to the different sensors.”

Dominik Egger. Engineer in Almende Self-Organizing Networks BV

R&D and Engineering Company

Rotterdam / NETHERLANDS / 2013

“Reliability is very important to me because I think this is a fundamental matter for all product.
This is reliable.
Now, I can control roomba exactly what I want”

Jae-gil, Lee. Owner of one Roomba 700 series.

Student of Interaction Science

Seoul / SOUTH KOREA / 2013

“Its very cool J it’s joined to my WiFi network at home now. I could now build an app and use it from anywhere in the world :D”

Matthijs Hoekstra owner of one Roomba 700 series.

Software Engineer and Blogger

Utrecht / NETHERLANDS / 2013

“It is working perfectly on my airport express wpa2…I have used the rowifi app. Even did a show and tell at work! The other roomba-owning geeks at work were wery impressed. I’ll try out the sci interface next week when I have some spare time.”

Mol M.

Software Developer and Roomba 500 series Owner

Uppsala / SWEDEN / 2012

“I’m impressed with what you are able to do with the roomba”

Nicolas M.

Roomba Owner

BELGIUM / 2013

“Received the roowifi today – fast delivery! before my roomba arrived…. Thanks”

Andreas W.

Software Developer and Roomba Owner

Annenheim / AUSTRIA / 2013