User Guide 1.5 available

You have the RooWifi‘s new user guide available. This last version of RooWifi User Guide provides you more information if you are thinking to buy the Wi-Fi Remote for Roomba or if you are a newer user of the RooWifi and wants more information about how it works or its features.

You can download it Here.

Updated information:

  • Added the chapter Reading sensors information using XML.
  • Added the chapter Reading sensors information using JSON.
  • Added the chapter Running commands through Web Services: GET Ajax Requests.
  • Installation procedure of RooWifi WiFi Adapter for Roomba. (500 and 700 series).
  • More detailed information about the embedded web pages (User, Driver and SetUp).
  • Little mods:
    • Document’s structure.
    • Standard compliant features.
    • External antenna connector type.
    • Disclaimers.
    • Captures and pictures of multiplatform web interface added.
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