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Say Hello to iRobot Create 2

Amazing! This is the best description for the new iRobot Create 2, the perfect platform focused to introduce students into the programming and robotics world. RooWifi is completely compatible with this awesome robot This year iRobot updated its Create, a

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RooWifi’s Android App on Google Play

It’s been more than five months since RooWifi: The Wifi Remote for Roomba and its iPhone App was launched together with some sample codes allowing software programmers and designers to develop Apps in any environment to manage their own Roombas

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RooWifi developers everywhere

RooWifi is extending everywhere and we are very very glad for it. Nowadays more than 2000 RooWifi, the Wi-Fi Remote adapter for Roomba are working for developers and home automation customers from: United States Germany United Kingdom France Netherlands Belgium Switzerland

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