RooWifi, Roomba 500 and 700 series: Full compatibility.

Following our philosophy of make easier developer’s life and work to allow focus on the software development and programming, we have made the RooWifi (Wi-Fi Remote for Roomba) intelligent enough to works perfectly with the 700 series Roomba as the 500 series:

Don’t need to change anything between a Roomba 700 or Roomba 500 usage. You only need to unplug the Wi-Fi Remote for Roomba from the first and plug in the second and you will see.

We think that a picture or video in this case, is worth a thousand words:

YouTube Preview Image

What is the only thing that you need to know about using 700 or 500 series?

In previous tests with 770 and 531 Roomba models we saw how the 531 responds correctly and changed his baudrate speed configuration correctly, in the other hand the 770 updated with the last firmware version for iRobot Roomba.

In this last case, with the 770 model, only communicated at 115200 bps and doesn’t allow changing it. What it means? If you send accidentally a change communication command to the robot it will be only affects the 500 models. In this case don’t worry, because if you unplug and plug again the Wi-Fi Remote RooWifi it will reconnects with your Roomba again without any more steps or procedures.

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