Roomba Wi-fi Remote v2 is already in production

Roomba Wi-fi Remote v2¡It’s done! Roomba Wi-fi Remote v2 is already in production and in just over two weeks we will have it with us.

This version has improved performance and improved design to reduce price from the previous version, and it is also more energy efficient.

With new Roomba Wi-fi Remote v2 you can control and play without limits with your iRobot Roomba.

New features:

  • New web interface: More attractive and enhanced to run on any device with web browser.
  • XML, JSON y AJAXRequest: Files roomba.xml, roomba.json and roomba.cgi to control the robot using the Web Services.
  • Reconfiguration button: For a quick and instant configuration in case you forget the IP assigned to your robot.
  • Better algorithm: Auto configuration system, existing wireless network connections and improved self improvement Connection
  • New connector: Better connector to connect from Roomba Wi-fi Remote to iRobot Roomba.
  • Smaller: 10% smaller fram first version.
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