RooWiFi Packages and Repositories

Vera Roomba Plugin GitHub Repo


  • Developer : OtelConsulting – undert03
  • GitHub Link :
  • Description : Adds RooWifi enabled Roomba device control and status in Vera. The plugin features true device status Docking, Undocking, Charging, Trickle Charging, Charging Error, Paused, Cleaning. Battery level and ability to control in your Scenes.

ROTFL: Roomba Fleet Management GitHub RepoQt_master_logo_CMYK_300dpipreziGitHub-Mark

  • Developer : Joonas Pessi
  • GitHub Link :
  • Description : We need a fleet management research environment, where work machines are replaced with Roomba robots. The fleet management is tracking location of the machines and giving them orders to optimize their tasks. The robots do collaborative tasks according to control room provided work plans. Special requirements: Roombas are autonomous parts of a fleet. They form a distributed system which employs WLAN to remotely connect the robots. The robots may also communicate machine-to-machine (M2M) with the Roomba Wi-Fi Adapter RooWifi.
  • Project presentation :

Matlab Toolbox for the iRobot Create2

RooWiFi Python Package and GitHub

Perl Script for RooWifi at GitHub Repoperl_logoGitHub-Mark

Android App GitHub Repoandroid_vectorGitHub-Mark

  • Developer : Paco Salazar
  • GitHub Link :
  • Description : In this repo you can find the entire code used to develop the Android App RooWiFi to manage and control you Roomba from your Android device and RooWiFi: The Wi-Fi Adapter for Roomba.

RooWiFi API GitHub RepoQt_master_logo_CMYK_300dpiGitHub-Mark

  • Developer : RooWifi Team
  • GitHub Link :
  • Description : The latest version of RooWifi API (1.1) is based on the gateway mode and it’s programmed using Qt Creator cross-platform IDE, which allows developers to use Windows, MAC, GNU/Linux,… Next revisions will have support and the required modifications to be able to develop with Visual Studio, gcc,g++ and Python. You can clone our latest API version from a Github Repository or download directly compressed in a ZIP file.

iOS App GitHub RepoGitHub-Mark

  • Developer : RooWifi Team
  • GitHub Link :
  • Description : iOS App published on App Store for manage and drive Roomba Robot with RooWifi, the WiFi Adapter for Roomba.