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FREE SHIPPING for your new RooWifi: Roomba Wi-Fi Remote... Dress up your Roomba for Christmas!!

Roomba Wi-Fi Remote is Home Automation, Robotics, TCP/IP sockets, Ajax, JSON, XML, C, Python, Java… is development

After the succesful promotions of new release made before (entire production batches were sold out in record time!) we give you another chance to be the first playing with the new revision of RooWifi: Roomba Wi-Fi Remote without paying the shipping: RooWifi Carnival Offer!

The new power source design is more efficient than ever (~90%) and gives more power to Wi-Fi signal. Get Free Shipping with your pre-order, take your RooWifi and turns it in a Smart Roomba with RooWifi for Christmas 2017!!

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This Offer includes:

  • PRE-ORDER of RooWifi Rev.2: WiFi adapter for Roomba!!
  • FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE: Free Shipping Service.
  • Scheduled Shipping: During the December 2017.


The development board RooWifi: The Wi-Fi Remote for Roomba allows you to control precisely every motor/actuator of your robot and have a real time monitoring of robot's sensors and play with it everywhere you have internet access. With the Wi-Fi interface and the embedded web server, the handling could be done from an iPad, iPhone, Android devices, Blackberry and Windows Phone devices; as a server or a PC/MAC with a domestic operating system.

RooWifi, the Wi-Fi Remote for Roomba allows software developers to develop their own applications for Smartphones, Tablets, PCs and MAC and to communicate with the iRobot Roomba without any aditional wire, baudrate configuration using Zigbee or Bluetooth modules and overall, any platform or operating system restriction .

Before purchase, please read the User Guide to know all about this embedded.

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