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Since we started our adventure some years ago being the first Roomba Wi-Fi Adapter a lot of customers tried and played with its own iRobot Roomba and RooWifi. A lot of them focusing the use of RooWifi on its capabilities to be integrated into a standard Home Automation system such as Homeseer, Fibaro Home Center, Micasaverde Z-Wave Vera Lite, Eedomus, etc.. For your information you could see these systems HERE and the related Roomba Wi-Fi plugins HERE to ease the use of RooWifi with your Home Automation System.

But all of these existing plugins for all of these home automation systems was developed before for another kind of customers with a pure developement profile. Finally inside this pure development group of customers some people focused on Home automation systems, but some other people focused on great ideas for other kind of Roomba Management Applications.

matlab roomba wi-fi

As you may know, RooWifi has an API written in C+ for Qt IDE and a lot of development projects are based on it but others are based on its own libraries using a standard TCP/IP socket connection for specific software or coding language. As you could see HERE nowadays exists some projects on public github repositories and official packages such as Python or the last thing that we found on the web:
A Toolbox for Matlab developed by Electronic Department of US Naval Academy exploiting the new features of Roomba Create2 and Matlab calculation power.

If you think that you could have a new and innovative idea to manage your iRobot Roomba through Wi-Fi please take a look to our External Packages and Github Repos page to see other developments based on our API. And off course, if you implement it don’t forget to notice us and we will publish it in our website being proud doing it ;)

To finish, remember that there are some ways to develop software for iRobot Roomba and RooWifi Wi-Fi Adapter:

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