What home automation system means

Home automation is the automation of the home, housework or household activity. With this automation you could have a total control of your home and also improve your enegetic eficiency, because you could program automated behaviours related with temperature, humidity, light power or directly with the power consumption of electronic devices meanwhile the same home automation system is monitoring these behaviours, events and energy consumption to know what, when, where and how.

Evidently all this information and automated behaviours are very important because with these, the quality of life the environment impact and the economical efficiency of your house will be improved very much.

In the other hand, some years ago the cloud and the remote applications have been growing up for their utility and benefits of using a remote interface to manage and monitor the information that you want when and where you want as you could see below:

This capture was taken from one of the best home automation systems website in Europe: www.Bwired.nl and maybe the best and large example of what home automation system means, in this website you could know everything, absolute everything and see the potential of a home automation system. We recommend you to visit this website when have 5 minutes to enjoy with it, because as you could see in its landing page with a home automation system like shown you can monitor and know at real-time the state of all devices you could imagine.

Some weeks ago Pieter (@bwired), the owner of bwired.nl contacted us to know more about the RooWifi project and decide to test it and as nowadays RooWifi’s users he give us his feedback and comments, as you could see in his blog: http://blog.bwired.nl/?p=676 he was very happy with the device also with his background in home automation systems give us a lot of support and collaboration to improve the RooWifi behavior to have a very cool device.

With the improvements added with his participation, now you could configure a remote server in the configuration web page of RooWifi to receive every 2.5minutes the information related with battery state, the communication of Robot (Stuck under furniture detection) and when starts and stops cleaning without needing to connect or use gateway mode and all in JSON format.

And now when the last person leaves the bwired house, Roomba starts to do his work. If somebody comes home again before Roomba is done cleaning, Roomba docks totally automatic with the perfect connection between Rowifi and Home Automation system.

From Barcelona we need to say Dank u zeer (Thank you) Pieter for all your comments and feedback!

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