Find your RooWifi from Windows 8.1

If you are a Microsoft Windows 8 or Microsoft Windows 8.1 user, this post is important for you.

If you have a Windows 8 not upgraded to 8.1 you must see the Ad-Hoc network generated by RooWifi: Roomba Wi-Fi Remote, in the other hand after upgrading from a Windows 8 to a Windows 8.1 Operating System, it’s possible that you couldn’t find a lot of things that you have before the upgrade was made.

One of these things are the possibility to scan Ad-Hoc networks and the option to connect to them. Summarizing in Windows 8.1 a lot of features was deleted or reduced and connectivity to Ad-Hoc networks is one of them. Don’t worry about that, nowadays it’s solved.

For iRobot Roomba owners who are new RooWifi buyers it’s not an important issue, because there are a lot of software packages available to enable this feature quickly and without hard configurations or the needing of knowledge about advanced network configurations.

One of this software is Wi-Fi Scanner by Lizard Systems and could be downloaded from HERE:

With this software you could find your RooWifi: The Wi-Fi Remote Adapter for Roomba from any Pc with Windows 8.1 quickly!

For more information, you could find it in this link to know more about this easy-usage software:

And a video tutorial to know how it works with a simple example here:

YouTube Preview Image

After installing the software, you only need to execute it (as root/administrator if you could) and after the first scan with the board plugged to the Roomba Robot and near to the PC you must see an Ad-Hoc Network called ROOMBA WR. Clicking, you could connect to this network and start a normal procedure of configuration as described in the user guide.

To finish remember that you could connect to RooWifi once it’s plugged in your iRobot Roomba directly from any computer with MacOs (Yosemite, Maverick, etc…), Windows 7, Windows 8, Linux or iOS and once the board is connected to your home network from any Android device. If you have an Android device rooted the direct connection is also possible.

RooWifi Development Team

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