Cheaper prices for non-european shipments

If you are not European, you are lucky :) Seize the opportunity!

¡Now, if you live in United States of America could have your RooWifi development board for less than $84 shipping included!

After decide to do the shipments of all pre-orders at same price for all the countries of the world. Knowing that we have our headquarters in Spain, Europe. Nowadays is a good time to buy a RooWifi from out of Europe because our price is totally based in €, our currency. This is caused by the decreasing price of the euro in front other currencies like US Dollars, etc.

For example if you buy your RooWifi: The Wi-Fi Remote for Roomba from USA the total price of the board including the shipment is less than $84 in front of the $96.4, when the euro is stabilized.

Seize the opportunity and enjoy your smart iRobot Roomba with RooWifi: The Wi-Fi adapter for Roomba cleaning robots!

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